Are you looking for something fun to keep your little one happy and engaged? You have come to the right place. Toddlers rely on playful activities to learn a language, discover the world around them, and improve their problem-solving skills. If your toddler is learning to talk and express themselves, the following is a list of 10 easy and toddler-friendly things you can do to keep them busy and happy.

1. Try some fun tunes

Find a way of incorporating music into whatever fun activity that you and your toddler are partaking in. Put on your favorite music and groove away to the beat. Dance away to the music and see how your toddler enjoys the experience.

2. Bubble time

Pretty much every kid enjoys blowing bubbles. Your little toddler will certainly have a blast blowing, chasing, and popping bubbles, especially with their favorite person (you) for company. This activity is a hit any time of the day.

3. Toy play

Are you looking for an activity that will arouse your toddler’s imagination? Simply grab a blanket and some toys. Help your child arrange and rearrange the toys on the blanket. You could also set obstacles and allow your toddler to navigate them using their toys.

4. Build blocks

This is one fun way to introduce numbers and letters to your little one. Simply grab some colorful blocks with numbers and letters and help your toddler stack them. Not only it is loads of fun, but it is also a chance for your toddler to learn some fine motor skills.

5. Play the counting game

Are you looking to teach your toddler some counting or further enhance their cognitive skills? Grab anything you can find in the house, arrange them however you like, and start counting from one to ten. Make sure you point at an item and count loudly as you encourage your child to repeat after you.

6. Go outdoors

If you feel like getting some fresh air, chances are your toddler does too. Take them outside and jump on the leaf piles or simply play in the snow. They will crave that outdoor time with mommy and daddy.

7. The color game

Every toddler loves colors. One activity that can help tap into this love is color sorting. Get a collection of items (blocks, cars, toys, etc.) with different colors and help your child sort them by color. This activity is good for their hand-eye coordination.

8. Color mixing

Still, with color-based activities, you can elect to teach your kid how to mix colors and make new ones. Start with the more basic colors like purple and orange. It is a fun activity that will make colors more enjoyable for your child.

9. Play with paints

Well, this might get a little messy, and you may want to dress your kid in old clothes and keep wipes on standby. So, get some paint, a brush, and pieces of paper and let your child take control by drawing whatever their heart desires. It is helpful for their sensory and motor skills.

10. Play touch & feel

There is fun and excitement in simplicity as well. Collect items with different feels and place them on a bowl or the floor. Let your child touch them and feel their texture (rough, soft, silky, etc.).
Say a specific texture and let your child pick the item that matches it. This will also significantly improve their sensory skills.