Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives2022-11-29T13:00:36+04:00

Pillar 1

Employ exceptional governance and operational processes that ensure institutional excellence.

  • Improve governance and organizational agility to promote academic and student excellence.
  • Enhance the reputation of Atticus Education.
  • Promote sustainable growth through integrated academic and financial planning.
  • Develop strategies for service excellence utilizing institutional effectiveness and quality assurance system.

Pillar 2

Attract talented students through enhanced visibility and competitiveness.

  • Engage the entire Atticus Education community in enrollment management
  • Revamp and increase scholarship options
  • Increase employability of students through enhanced career services
  • Improve retention of students
  • Develop vibrant life programming that engages the diverse student body
  • Identify expansion and growth opportunities locally and internationally

Pillar 3

Employ state-of-the-art academic curricula and community engagement projects that meet local, regional, and international needs.

  • Enhance the rigor of academic curricula using high-impact educational practices
  • Seek the most prestigious international accreditation for all existing educational activities
  • Introduce new, innovative academic curricula that respond to local, regional, and international demand
  • Expand and coordinate community engagement projects and consultation services that address societal issues

Pillar 4

Enhance faculty and staff excellence through improved recruitment, retention, and professional development.

  • Improve the quality of faculty and staff recruitment
  • Enhance the satisfaction and retention of valued faculty and staff
  • Enhance career and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Nurture a culture of collaboration among faculty and staff

Pillar 5

Provide outstanding support services that maximize benefits to stakeholders.

  • Ensure the availability of modern, adequately resourced information and communications technology system and services
  • Plan, construct, renovate, and maintain state-of the-art campus facilities and provide material resources that contribute to a safe, dynamic, fully accessible, and efficient learning environment