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About Atticus Education LLC Dubai

Our Beginnings

Atticus Education was established in 2016 by Mr. Obaid Ghanim Al Mutaiwei, a prolific Emirati entrepreneur with more than four decades of experience doing business in the GCC and globally. Atticus Education was birthed out of his desire to impact the community and contribute to nation-building, and was firmly rooted in Mr. Obaid’s belief that education is the cornerstone of a country’s growth. This belief continues to shape Atticus’ mission to provide world-class education to young people and further equipping them with the relevant knowledge and skills to contribute to the economic future of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole.

Atticus Education Beginnings







Atticus Education Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Atticus Education, we believe in enabling students to pursue an education, and subsequently a career, that is in line with their desires, talents, and abilities. We work tirelessly towards removing any obstacles in the way of them being able to follow their dreams. We are committed to this process and have witnessed the positive impact this approach has had on employability, which was a major motivation for Mr. Obaid to set up Atticus Education.

As such, our philosophy reflects this vision, commitment, and passion to make a change in the field of education. Our work stands testament to this as Atticus Education continues on its upward trajectory to becoming an international platform that provides world-class education to the UAE and Middle East.

Our Approach

At present, our Atticus Education’s platform of schools and nurseries in Dubai covers a student’s journey from 6 weeks to 23 years old. We implement a data-driven student-centric approach that focuses on providing students with the opportunity to pursue an education that is in line with their ambitions and skill set. This is done using a carefully crafted scientific method that collects relevant data on the student – from nursery to high school – and analyzes their skills, interests, talents, and innovativeness so as to identify key touchpoints and strengths. Once the data is studied and pertinent information are gathered on a student, Atticus Education, in collaboration with parents, work towards finding them the best-fit field of study for further studies. Through this approach, Atticus Education succeeds in developing future leaders that are job creators.

Atticus Education Approach

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