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Kickstart your child’s learning journey with almost 40,000 sq. ft. purpose-built nursery near The City Walk

Westfield Nursery

Near The City Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai

Westfield Nursery, a new purpose-built Nursery located in urban living development, near City Walk, is a spacious 39,269+ square foot facility where children can enjoy safe and secure learning in one of Dubai’s best nurseries. At Westfield Nursery, we aim to guide children through our personalized, inquiry-based approach. We are committed to instilling a love and ownership of learning in our children; guiding all of them to meet their true potential. Children have access to many learning areas in the Nursery including our library, sensory room, our two gyms, our playground and their individual outdoor classroom. Westfield Nursery provides a unique approach to learning with qualified and dedicated educators committed to excellence. We can’t wait for you to experience what a special place it is for yourself!

Westfield Nursery is a center for 21st century learning skills with the specially designed “Digital room” that caters for all age-groups; the digital learning promotes innovation with the age-appropriate programs that develop all areas of learning.
Westfield Nursery The City Walk, Dubai UAE
British Curriculum
KHDA Approved
45 Days to 5 Years (FS2)
Near City Walk, Al Wasl

Admissions Open 2023-24.

Kickstart your child’s learning journey.
Westfield Nursery The City Walk Al Wasl Dubai, UAE

Westfield Nursery ISO Certification

We believe that every child is unique and each of them has their own innate talents. Our nursery provides children with a nurturing and enriched environment where each child can blossom and learn at their own pace.

We offer a safe and stimulating learning environment to foster the child’s creative, emotional well being and intellect. Our Educators have created a unique curriculum to enable your child to reach and maximize his or her full potential. We are an inclusive Nursery that encourages children to make decisions and share ideas. We believe that children learn most effectively when they are enjoying themselves and are having fun. We work towards different goals to help each child reach his or her full potential!

Westfield Nursery City Walk -Discover a top-notch British curriculum nursery nestled near City Walk at Westfield Nursery in Al Wasl, Dubai. Providing a great early childhood education, this nursery stands out among the array of nurseries in the area. With a prime location and a focus on holistic development, Westfield Nursery offers a nurturing environment for young learners to thrive academically and socially. Embrace quality education tailored to meet international standards while fostering your child’s growth and curiosity.

Excellence in Early Childhood Education at Westfield Nursery

High-Quality Education Programs

Westfield Nursery stands out for its excellent early childhood education program. The nursery is dedicated to providing young children with a solid educational foundation. Children at Westfield Nursery benefit from engaging and interactive learning experiences that cater to their individual needs. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is specially created to help children develop their creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. This curriculum is followed at Westfield Nursery, a nursery near City Walk and Al Wasl area in Dubai. By incorporating the EYFS curriculum, children at this nursery are provided with a well-rounded educational experience that focuses on their holistic development. The EYFS curriculum ensures that children engage in various activities that stimulate their imagination, encourage problem-solving, and promote positive interactions with their peers. It is designed to lay a strong foundation for children’s learning journey and prepare them for future academic challenges. Moreover, nurseries that follow the EYFS curriculum, such as the one in City Walk, offer a structured approach to early childhood education that is aligned with international standards.

Commitment to Quality Education

At Westfield Nursery, there is a strong commitment to delivering high-quality education. Teachers at the nursery are highly qualified professionals who create a nurturing environment where children can thrive academically and emotionally. The staff members undergo continuous training to stay updated on the best practices in early childhood education, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and support.

Building a Strong Foundation

One of the key focuses of Westfield Nursery is on laying a robust foundation for children’s future learning endeavors. By instilling a love for learning from an early age, the nursery helps children develop essential skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journey. Through play-based activities, hands-on experiences, and structured lessons, children at Westfield Nursery acquire knowledge while having fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Joyful Learning Environment for Children in Dubai

Engaging and Positive Atmosphere

EYFS-7-Areas-Learning-British-Curriculum-Nurseries-DubaiWestfield Nursery in Al Wasl, near City Walk, offers a joyful learning environment that fosters engagement and positivity. The nursery ensures that children feel happy and motivated to learn by creating a welcoming atmosphere. Through colorful classrooms, interactive learning materials, and engaging activities, the nursery sets the stage for an enjoyable educational experience.

Children at Westfield Nursery are encouraged to explore their creativity and curiosity in a supportive setting. The joyful ambiance motivates them to actively participate in various learning opportunities. By incorporating play-based learning approaches into the curriculum, the nursery makes education fun and exciting for young learners. This positive environment not only enhances children’s cognitive development but also nurtures their social skills and emotional well-being.

Fun-Filled Learning Journey

At Westfield Nursery, children embark on a fun-filled learning journey that combines education with enjoyment. Through hands-on activities, storytelling sessions, music classes, art projects, and outdoor playtime, students engage in immersive experiences that make learning joyful. The nursery’s British curriculum aligns academic concepts with interactive lessons to ensure holistic development among children.

The diverse range of activities at Westfield Nursery caters to different interests and learning styles among students. Whether it’s exploring nature in the outdoor garden or participating in themed dress-up days, every aspect of the nursery’s program is designed to spark joy in learning. By promoting a sense of wonder and discovery through experiential education, Westfield Nursery cultivates a love for lifelong learning among its young attendees.

Play-Based Learning Approach at Westfield Nursery

Fostering Children’s Development

At Westfield Nursery, children engage in a play-based learning approach that is central to their development. Through various activities and games, kids not only have fun but also learn essential skills. For instance, playing with building blocks can enhance problem-solving abilities and foster creativity.

Playtime at the nursery is not just about having fun; it serves as a valuable educational tool. By engaging in hands-on experiences, children develop cognitive skills and improve their social interactions. This approach allows them to explore their interests freely while learning important concepts in a relaxed environment.

Enhancing Creativity and Social Skills

Westfield Nursery strongly believes that play is crucial for enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interactions among children. When kids participate in imaginative play scenarios or group activities, they learn how to communicate effectively with others. Through role-playing games or collaborative tasks, they develop empathy and teamwork skills.

Unleashing Children’s Potential with Age-Appropriate Learning

Tailored Teaching Methods

Westfield Nursery excels in tailoring teaching methods to suit each child’s age and developmental stage. By customizing the learning approach, children can thrive and reach their full potential. For instance, younger children might engage in hands-on activities, while older ones delve into more structured learning.

At Westfield Nursery, opportunities are abundant for children to explore various subjects at a pace that suits them best. This tailored approach ensures that every child has access to a curriculum designed specifically for their needs and readiness level. By providing such personalized attention, the nursery kickstarts each child’s journey toward success.

Encouraging Exploration

Encouraging children to explore different interests and talents is a cornerstone of Westfield Nursery’s philosophy. Through varied activities across many learning areas, children have the chance to discover what they excel at and enjoy most. This exploration fosters confidence as children take ownership of their learning experiences.

Key Features and World-Class Facilities of Westfield Nursery

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Westfield nursery - State of the art spaceWestfield Nursery stands out for its state-of-the-art facilities tailored to cater to the needs of young learners. The nursery boasts spacious classrooms that provide ample room for children to engage in various activities, promoting their overall development. These well-designed spaces are equipped with age-appropriate learning resources, fostering a conducive environment for exploration and growth.

The outdoor play areas at Westfield Nursery offer children the opportunity to partake in physical activities while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. These play areas are meticulously designed to ensure safety while encouraging active play, helping children develop their gross motor skills. By incorporating outdoor spaces into the curriculum, Westfield Nursery promotes holistic development among its students.

Safe Environment

One of the key features that sets Westfield Nursery apart is its commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for all children under its care. The nursery implements stringent safety measures to ensure that every child feels protected and supported throughout their time at the facility. From secure entry points to supervised play areas, safety is prioritized in every aspect of the nursery’s operations.

Dedicated and Passionate Educators at Westfield Nursery

Experienced Professionals

The dedicated educators at Westfield Nursery are experienced professionals who excel in early childhood education. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that each child receives high-quality care and education. These teachers have honed their skills over years of practice, making them adept at understanding and meeting the needs of young learners.

The nurturing environment created by these educators is essential for children’s growth and development. By combining experience with passion, they establish a safe space where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Through engaging activities and personalized attention, these professionals lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning in their students.

Strong Relationships

At Westfield Nursery, building strong relationships is at the core of what educators do. They understand that collaboration with parents is crucial for a child’s holistic development. By involving parents in their child’s learning journey, educators create a supportive network that benefits the child both at home and in school. This collaborative approach ensures consistency between home life and nursery experiences.

Moreover, fostering connections with each child allows educators to tailor their teaching methods to suit individual needs effectively. Children feel valued when they know they are seen as unique individuals by their teachers; this sense of belonging contributes significantly to their overall well-being.

Advantages of Choosing a British Curriculum Nursery in Dubai

Globally Recognized Education System

A British curriculum nursery in Dubai offers an education system that is recognized worldwide. Children at these nurseries are exposed to a curriculum that follows the standards and practices of schools in the United Kingdom. This means that the quality of education provided aligns with international benchmarks, ensuring children receive a high standard of learning.

British curriculum nurseries focus on delivering education that meets global standards, giving children access to a well-rounded educational experience. For example, at City Walk Nursery, students not only learn foundational skills but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through interactive activities and engaging lessons.

Structured Early Years Education

One significant advantage of enrolling your child in a nursery near City Walk or the Al Wasl area is the structured approach to early years education offered by British curriculum nurseries. These institutions have carefully designed programs that cater to different aspects of child development, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.

At Westfield Nursery children benefit from a comprehensive learning framework that covers various subjects such as literacy, numeracy, science, arts & crafts, music, and physical education. The structured nature of these programs ensures that each child receives a well-rounded education tailored to their individual needs.

Seamless Transition to Primary School with Smart Vision School and New Academy School

Partnership Benefits

Westfield Nursery’s collaboration with Smart Vision School and New Academy School ensures a smooth shift to primary education. The partnership guarantees a consistent educational journey for the children, maintaining their progress seamlessly.

The unique approach of these schools in coordination with Westfield Nursery helps create an environment where children can thrive academically and socially. This partnership emphasizes the importance of holistic development, ensuring that children are well-prepared for their future academic endeavors.

Well-Planned Transition

The transition process from Westfield Nursery to primary school is meticulously designed to prepare children adequately. It focuses on not only academic readiness but also social skills development, making sure that children are equipped to navigate the challenges of formal schooling confidently.

Child-Centered Learning Philosophy in Dubai Nurseries

Unique Approach

Westfield Nursery - AlWasl CityWalkWestfield Nursery stands out for its child-centered approach, tailoring learning to each child’s needs. This method ensures that every child receives personalized attention and support. By focusing on individual interests, the nursery creates a nurturing environment where children feel valued and motivated to learn.

The emphasis on unique needs allows children at Westfield Nursery to thrive academically and socially. For instance, if a child shows interest in painting, the teachers will incorporate art-related activities into their daily routine. This tailored approach not only enhances the child’s skills but also boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Active Engagement

At Westfield Nursery, active engagement is key to the learning process. Children are encouraged to participate actively in various activities, fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration. Through hands-on experiences like sensory play or group projects, children develop essential skills such as problem-solving and collaboration.

Promoting independence is another vital aspect of the nursery’s philosophy. Children are given opportunities to make choices, solve problems independently, and take ownership of their learning journey. This autonomy nurtures a sense of responsibility and instills valuable life skills that prepare them for future challenges.

Critical Thinking Skills

One of the primary goals at Westfield Nursery is to cultivate critical thinking skills among children from an early age. By encouraging them to question, analyze information critically, and express their thoughts creatively, the nursery fosters intellectual growth and cognitive development.

Through open-ended activities like storytelling sessions or science experiments, children learn how to think logically and explore different perspectives. This approach not only sharpens their analytical abilities but also encourages them to become lifelong learners with a thirst for knowledge.

Closing Thoughts

Westfield Nursery in Dubai offers a nurturing environment for children to thrive through play-based learning, age-appropriate activities, and dedicated educators. With a focus on the British curriculum, this nursery ensures a seamless transition to primary school. The child-centered philosophy and world-class facilities create a joyful learning space where children can unleash their full potential. Choosing Westfield Nursery sets a strong educational foundation for your child’s future success.

For families seeking excellence in early childhood education, Westfield Nursery stands out as a top choice in Dubai. Take the first step towards your child’s bright future by exploring all that Westfield Nursery, a nursery near City Walk has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What educational approach does Westfield Nursery follow?

Westfield Nursery adopts a play-based learning approach that focuses on hands-on activities and exploration to enhance children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

How are the educators at Westfield Nursery selected?

Educators at Westfield Nursery are carefully chosen based on their qualifications, experience in early childhood education, passion for teaching young children, and commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment.

What sets British curriculum nurseries apart in Dubai?

British curriculum nurseries in Dubai stand out for offering a well-rounded education following the UK standards. They emphasize individualized learning plans, holistic development, and preparation for future academic success.

How do nursery programs support the transition to primary school?

Nursery programs like those at Westfield Nursery focus on building foundational skills through age-appropriate activities. They collaborate with primary schools like Smart Vision School and New Academy School to ensure a smooth transition for children.

Why is child-centered learning philosophy essential in nurseries?

The child-centered learning philosophy prioritizes each child’s unique needs and interests. It fosters independence, critical thinking skills, creativity, and self-confidence while creating an engaging environment that supports holistic growth.

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