Atticus Education Group Joins in Celebrating UAE National Flag Day

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UAE National Flag Day 2023

Atticus Education Group proudly commemorated the UAE National Flag Day across its distinguished nurseries and schools, affirming the spirit of national pride and unity in a series of vibrant celebrations.

At various educational establishments under the Atticus Education Group banner, including New Academy School, Smart Vision School, Blue Bird Nursery, and Westfield Nursery, the fervor of National Flag Day was embraced wholeheartedly.

The annual observance, held on November 3, honors the significance of the Emirati flag and symbolizes unity, pride, and allegiance to the nation. Atticus Education Group, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and cultural reverence, orchestrated a range of inspiring activities and events to pay homage to the UAE’s emblem of unity.

Students, educators, and staff at New Academy School and Smart Vision School convened in a display of national unity, hoisting the UAE flag and participating in interactive sessions that underscored the historical importance of the flag. Through various activities, students were enlightened about the principles of the UAE flag, instilling in them a deep understanding of its significance.

Meanwhile, at Blue Bird Nursery and Westfield Nursery, the youngest members of the educational community enthusiastically partook in flag-themed activities specially designed to promote the heritage of the UAE. Nursery teachers engaged children in arts and crafts sessions, storytelling, and music, ensuring that even the little ones were immersed in the spirit of National Flag Day.

The events were further highlighted by students’ creative artwork, depicting the colors and symbols of the UAE flag, and the chanting of the national anthem, reflecting the respect and love for the country.

The UAE National Flag Day is a pivotal event that marks the unity and progress of the nation, and Atticus Education Group stands at the forefront in imparting these values to the next generation of leaders.

Through its observance of the UAE National Flag Day, Atticus Education Group once again underscores its dedication to instilling a sense of pride, respect, and admiration for the nation among its students, preparing them to be responsible global citizens.

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