New Purpose-Built Nursery Offers Parents an Almost 40,000 Square Foot State-of-the-Art Space Designed to Help Their Children Thrive

Atticus Education

Westfield Nursery City Walk -

40,000 Square Foot State-of-the-Art Space Designed to Help Their Children Thrive

Sprawling Facility Allows for Substantial Social Distancing to Protect Young Pupils from Covid-19
A new preeminent Nursery in the heart of Dubai is opening its doors with a focus on providing a holistic learning-through-play environment that also takes serious precautions against Covid-19. Westfield Nursery, a new purpose-built Nursery located in urban living development, near City Walk, is a spacious 39,269+ square foot facility where children can enjoy safe and secure learning in one of Dubai’s best nurseries. The centre is set to open in March 2021.
“The new nursery is near many corporate offices, shops and local housing. The Nursery is owned and managed by Atticus Education LLC (AE) which develops, owns, and manages a diverse array of schools with different curricula to meet the growing needs of the region. Atticus Education has over 2000+ students registered throughout its schools and this number continues to grow as we pursue our mission to become a prolific provider of accessible and affordable education throughout the Emirate of Dubai.” says Ayesha Al Mutaiwei, Managing Director, Atticus Education LLC.
The sizable facility is part of Dubai’s premium purpose-built nurseries where the custom environments are designed to maximize children’ safety and well-being. Westfield Nursery, in particular, was designed by architects to provide a very large space and plenty of indoor and outdoor rooms to not only comply with Covid-19 regulations but also to give children a lot of learning opportunities in the Nursery. Westfield Nursery provides an open space concept across the centre’s different core developmental learning areas including a library room, sensory room, large gym, soft play room, playground, waterplay area and individual outdoor classrooms.
“In addition to being a warm and welcoming space where children can safely explore and learn, Westfield’s design also allows optimum social distancing with large learning spaces.” says Nursery Manager Aurore Robinot.
In conjunction with social distancing, the Nursery is observing Ministry of Education safety guidelines that include, Covid-19 PCR tests for staff, using contactless thermal scanners to perform regular temperature screenings throughout the day, and staff face masks to be worn at all times. Westfield’s Covid-19 prevention plan also includes regular cleaning and sanitization of toys, play tables, play stations and all the equipment in the Nursery.
The Nursery follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and prides itself on being an inclusive active learning environment that encourages children to make decisions and share ideas. The nursery can accommodate up to 224 children and children from 45 days old to 5 years old are eligible for admittance.
“Our Nursery’s focus is to encourage International education and the art of learning through play.” added Robinot. “The environment is perfectly catered to that mission. Everything from our curriculum to our expansive natural light and our bright and open play spaces make Westfield a wonderful safe-haven where kids can develop a love of learning.”
Westfield staff are committed to communicate with parents while their child is in the setting, through virtual constant communication via phone, SeeSaw app, emails and Zoom App with the parents/guardians.
Parents interested in registering their child at Westfield Nursery can get started by booking a tour of the facility at https://www.westfieldnursery.ae/
Contact Info:
Tel: 04 326 6772
Email: info@westfieldnursery.ae

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