How to Support Your Child Transitioning From Nursery to School?

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How to Support Your Child Transitioning From Nursery to School?

One of the most significant changes your little one will face in their early years is making the step up from nursery to primary school. Sometimes this can be a big step for the child. For one, days at primary school are typically longer than in the nursery. The separation anxiety and changes in their daily routine can also be overwhelming. The good news is, that there is something you can do to help with the transition. Please keep reading for our expert tips.

1. Feed their curiosity

Your youngster will have plenty of questions, and while you may be tempted to write off some of them as juvenile curiosity, honestly answer the questions that they may have about primary school.

They will have many questions regarding the school they’re starting at and the type of experience that they can expect. If you honestly answer these questions, you will cool any nerves that they may have had.

Also, your little one will come across words that they have not encountered before. Make a table of words (preferably with pictures) that they will likely come across to ease the transition.

2. Hold positive conversations

Sometimes, all a child wants is their parent’s reassuring voice. Regularly holding positive and lively conversations with your child about the transition will remove any fears or doubts they may have had.

Keep calm, no matter how worried you are about your child. Children can sense your anxiety and are likely to pick on it. Sending your child to school can be an anxious time, but let them know you are excited about them going to school and their brain growth.

Closely examine how the facility is designed to determine if it brings your child’s learning experience into life.

3. Pay a prior visit to the school

If your school permits it, visit the school with your child so that they can familiarize themselves with the surroundings. This will help ease some of their concerns. Make sure your child sees the classroom where they will be partaking in their studies. It will mentally prepare them for the new environment.

Similarly, a primary school will have a much louder environment compared with a nursery school. Visiting the school where your child will be attending is a great way to prepare them for the big change.

4. Cheer them on

Your child will be learning a lot of stuff, and it is upon you to offer praise and encouragement along the way. Some kids are shy and need that bit of encouragement, whether by word or body language, for them to make the step up. Be their cheerleader, and you will be surprised by what they can do.

5. Develop their social skills

Nursery school allows your child to socialize and learn the art of making friends. This is an important skill to learn from a young age, and teaching your little one how to create positive social bonds is important.

They will need that skill even more now that they’re making the big transition. Set up playdates and take your child to the park where they can interact with other children. It is here that they will learn other essential skills, like sharing, for example.

We hope these tips will help make the transition from Nursery to school less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your little one!

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