Schools K-12

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school-improvement-planningAE intends to set up and manage a number of American, British, International Baccalaureate and Indian curriculum schools in the UAE. Currently plans are being drawn up to acquire existing schools and to build new schools on greenfield sites. AE are looking into managing schools for different sectors of the community in various locations. We are also investigating potential partnerships with good quality internationally reputed branded schools that have long traditions of excellence in the delivery of quality school education and to bring out these quality institutions to Dubai.

Our plans are to set up or acquire at least two schools per year for the next four years. In parallel with this we are also enhancing our overall management capability to ensure that we are embarking on this ambitious strategy and plans under the direction of highly experienced educators and practitioners supported by strong business acumen. We are also building strong links with other seasoned educators locally and internationally to increase our capabilities, who we can draw upon as required. AE has the capability to source internally, externally, locally and internationally the expertise required to undertake comprehensive schools’ improvement projects.

We can support existing schools in improvement of provision, professional management, quality assurance improvement plans, finance audits, costs restructuring and improvement. The region faces strong challenges in meeting its ambitious targets for K-12 education, especially the training and recruitment of qualified teachers, we are already setting in motion our plans to ensure that we are able to fulfil the need of quality teaching staff who have the experience and qualifications required to deliver the UAE national agenda.