Nursery and Early Years Learning

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The vision of AE’s Chairman of providing “Learning for life” paved the way for us to venture into the Nursery and Early Years Learning sector. We have acquired the rights for Discovery Montessori for 14 countries in the Gulf. Discovery Montessori UAE has been established with a vision to provide an environment dedicated to the holistic development of children in a safe home type environment. We have recently acquired Blue Bird Nursey in Nad Al Hammar in Dubai.

We are currently upgrading the facility to meet our aims and this will be our first nursery offering the Discovery Montessori curriculum. Include pictures of Blue Bird Nursery We believe that every child is unique and each has their own innate talents. Our nurseries provide children with a nurturing environment where each child can blossom and learn at their own pace and will foster the child’s creativity, intellect and emotional wellbeing. We will provide an engaging and challenging learning experiences to support the holistic development of our children. Our Educators have created a unique curriculum to enable each child to reach and maximize their full potential. Our facilitators endorse the fact of “how to learn’ rather than “what to learn”.

We have incorporated activity based Montessori learning, sports and physical fitness, digital learning and free and structured play time as the basis of our curricula. Our staff will be screened to select the best and will be supported by regular training and also benefit from our web based Facilitator Development programme. All our staff will have to meet our stringent requirements to ensure that we deliver the best in our facilities. We will also be offering opportunities to other Nursery and Early Years Learning providers to be able to use our Discovery Montessori UAE curriculum supported by our back up facilities on a franchise basis