Atticus Education was founded in 2016 by Eng. Obaid Ghanim Al Mutaiwei, a UK-educated person who has more than forty-five years of experience in business in the GCC and globally. Atticus Education was established with a vision to positively impact the community and provide quality education to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and attributes that will help shape the economic future of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Employability was the driving force that motivated Eng. Obaid Al Mutaiwei to establish Atticus Education LLC. During his professional career, he was responsible for the set up and management of numerous public and private companies in UAE and the GCC region, where he met with university graduates from all over the world. Eng. Al Mutaiwei noticed that graduates suffer from different deficiencies. The most alarming fact for him was the graduates’ study choice, he realized that their choices were not based on their desire, abilities, and talents, which in turn afterward, hindered their ability to obtain a job. His passion for education and desire to help humanity pushed him to set up Atticus Education to be an internationally pioneering platform with a world-class education provision that grants knowledge generation and dissemination for community development.


The platform comprises nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities covering a student’s journey from 6 weeks to 23 years. A data-driven student-centered approach to inspire students to achieve their dreams is the main characteristic of the platform. During the student journey, key touchpoints are analyzed from nursery to high school by collecting data on their skills, interests, talents, and innovativeness to identify student strengths. The aim of Atticus Education is to keep these students within its educational system and find for them the best-fit field of study found in the college/university program offerings.

Strategic Goals

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Strategic Objectives

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