Currently, the field of higher education is undergoing a seismic shift, with its leaders facing increased disruption and competition across the globe, and this is especially true in the UAE and the Middle East market as a whole. Nonetheless, Atticus Education believes that excellence and sustainability in higher education can still be achieved, which begins by empowering stakeholders in the organization. The Atticus Approach ensures that the leaders in the organization acquire a deep understanding of the key principles of excellence and equip them with the necessary resources to stay abreast of the evolving needs of education. This in turn prepares the organization to exceed the established norms and standards and become trailblazers and pioneering leaders, which further enhances their competitive advantage in the industry. Atticus has witnessed great success with its approach over the years and we continue to partner with stakeholders to spearhead educational reforms and achieve excellence by re-conceptualizing, innovating, and remodeling cultures, practices, systems, and programs that aim at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching, learning, and operations.


Atticus Higher Education Capabilities
Financial Sustainability and Operational Excellence
Atticus Education implements a holistic approach when working with higher education institutions so as to improve operational efficiency and financial performance. Our team of higher-education experts are equipped with expansive experience in all aspects of higher education transformation, and they employ the Atticus Approach to empower higher education leaders to identify, develop, and execute their vision and strategic goals.
Our services include:

Our Concept

Atticus Education believes that excellence and sustainability in higher education...

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Digital Transformation

A critical component required to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature...

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Enhancing Student Experience

Atticus Education’s team comprises academic leaders and administrators...

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Strategy Development and Performance Management

Aid institutions through the complete strategic planning cycle...

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Licensure and Accreditation

We provide expert consultation services to assist your institution in acquiring...

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Ranking and Rating

Understanding the key role university rankings and rating’s play in boosting...

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International and National Strategic Partnerships

Through partnerships, we ensure that faculty, staff and students are offered a plethora of...

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Quality Assurance

We recognize the value of having a robust quality assurance framework and the role it plays...

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Market and Institutional Research

Offering extensive market and institutional research which assists planning, performance measurement...

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