Blue Bird Nursery is established with a vision to provide an environment dedicated to the holistic development of the child in a safe and conducive environment that is grounded on creating strong home-school connections. We believe that every child is unique and each of them has their own innate talents. Our nurseries provide them with a nurturing environment where each child can blossom and learn at their own pace. We offer a learning environment to foster the child’s creative, emotional well- being and intellect. Our practitioners are well-qualified and experienced in the field of early years care and careful consideration has been taken to account in ensuring that BBN practitioners are supervised and continue developing their skills as early year’s facilitators of care and learning. Our facilitators endorse the fact of “how to learn “rather than “what to learn”. Blue Bird Nursery has adopted the Early years foundation stage guidelines in facilitating care, teaching and learning Using the EYFS framework in BBN has provided clear and age specific guiding statements that allow practitioners to understand and implement age-appropriate learning objectives through activities and concept of integrated learning regularly evaluating children through observations and recording them in the learning journey.

We at Blue Bird Nursery have also considered learning philosophy based on active learning processes, essential in the early years learning provisions. Our teaching and care processes involve an “experiential approach” to learning that allow children to discover, experiment and reflect through a variety of both theme related and age-appropriate resources and activities through a rotating class routine. Our rotating class practice has enabled children to discover differentiated and integrated learning centres that allow them to pursue their area of interest often working through activities as they would arise in real-life situations. The collaborative nature of the rotating class allows children to constantly work with peers (with adult support) consulting and finding alternative methods to working with an activity or problem solving rather than being given a set formula to work with in deriving a solution. Play is central in the learning processes and children are often allowed to engage, interact and reflect with their peers through role-play and using the learning centres as a base to rehearse real life situation consequently enhancing their social, leadership skills and conflict resolution. The interactive nature of the active learning philosophy also enables practitioners to observe, evaluate, and engage in dialogue providing them with substantial observations that can then be used to inform instruction.





Blue Bird Nursery – Al Quoz
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